Making Peace

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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly over the last three months. I keep apologising… I think this is the third time. Anyway, my excuses are that my computer totally broke down in November, I’ve had a hectic December socialwise, and in January I’ve been working overtime to cover for the absence of just about everyone at my practice who took the whole month off. In a way, it has been a good break for me from the blog.

I have also spent a lot of time trawling evolution-creationist debates online and contributing to a fair number of conversations. Phew there are some tough questions out there and I’m afraid to say a lot of angry people! My suggestion is that before any debate is started the two teams have to play ice breaker games like thumb wars, charades, or burst into a silly dance or something.

I am still figuring out what would good questions and topics be for me to post on this blog. The topics currently running through my head were the Book of Revelation (how it is not a prediction and how it is a prediction of the end times), Romans 5-8 (why it is currently the core of Christianity and how it has been read poorly), the Book of Job (as the summary of the Jewish philosophical conundrum of the Bible), or even a series on relationships in the Bible (the male-female kind). Also, some of the discussions I have had on these forums were so robust I half thought of copy and pasting them onto this blog for all to read (they mostly consisted about the Existence of God, The Absurdity of Original Sin, evolution vs creationism, Biblical inerrancy and literalism, and absolute vs relative morals).

And if any of you guys out there are reading this, do give me a yell out, ask the question, doesn’t matter if we’ve covered it before, doesn’t matter if it is stupid, doesn’t matter if it is argumentative, I am eager to hear and discuss your questions.

In good news I am working with a small team of people to get a solid book/course out that presents a good holistic Biblical understanding. Keep your eyes and ears out for that, especially if you’re living in Melbourne, Australia. It’s going to be globe changing.

Take care till next week!

A Politically Contextual Christmas Story

Apologies for the slightly slow start.

I should note here that beyond the gospel of Matthew there are no known historical records of the Massacre of Innocents committed by King Herod. However, most historians would agree that such an action is in line with King Herod’s recorded nature and that it is possible that the death of twenty to thirty infants at that period of time, might have been considered a small affair to be recorded as significant political history.

All historians do agree that the gospel of Matthew tells this story with a purpose to reflect the birth of Moses and to match certain Old Testament prophecies.

Have a great holiday season!

What to do if God told you to kill someone?

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Hey everyone. Got things up and running again and easing back into blogging at a regular pace after the frenetic forty days of posting. I had a very interesting conversation recently that I thought it would be good to share because it ties together a few really practical Biblical principles and understandings.

So the question is, “What should you do if you hear the voice of God tell you to go and murder someone?” Continue reading

Technical Setback

Hello everyone!

So sorry for the sudden disappearance. I have had just had a minor mishap with my computer hardware or software that has prevented me from drawing my comics! I am still in the midst of trying to deal with it. I hope you will be patient with me.

Crossing fingers the issue is resolved this weekend. If not within the next couple of weeks.

Take care!

God’s solution – fix it, don’t break it!



We end these 40 days on a similar note to how we started. We need to look at the resurrection through Jewish eyes not Graeco-Roman ones.

Lots of gods, deities, and prophets have died for causes. Some even for the sake of saving humanity. Even the Romans and the Greeks had Mithras who had died for them. And in Egypt, Ra himself had died and came back to life to save humanity. Why should Jesus be any greater than those? Continue reading

The Bloody Coronation

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Today we reach the climax of Mark’s tale. Why would we call Jesus a King?

Let us go back to the start. The message of Jesus was; Repent (rethink) for the Kingdom of God is near! (If any reader still thinks that Heaven is talking about a cloud-filled afterlife, I urge you to read yesterday’s post.)

The Jews were not waiting for Armageddon with the coming of the Messiah. They were literally waiting for a new country to be founded upon the earth with the people of Israel as its inhabitants. Continue reading

The Way of the Kingdom

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The Heaven we speak of today is very different from what Jesus was talking about  when he spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven, to a first century Jew was not some afterlife disembodied dimension – that is a Grecian/Egyptian/Viking viewpoint of a spiritual afterlife.

Here try this and apply it into all the different parables he gives us about the Kingdom of Heaven and see just how much more sense they make: Continue reading

Are we ready for Judgement Day?

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There is a story I read once of a city whose duty was to inter the dead. When a god of sorts died and her body brought to the city by her siblings, they found the city inhospitable, only interested in making money and achieving fame, all customs and respect for the passing of the dead forgotten. The entities angered by their treatment by the citizens of the necropolis revoked the city’s charter and the city crumbled to dust and the duty of caring for the dead was passed to a smaller village elsewhere.

That story could have been talking about Jesus. Continue reading

Why could they not see the Messiah?

While this video is aimed at road safety, I find it equally applicable for those of us who claim to be following Christ. Are we truly seeking the Kingdom of God?

Or is our attention caught up in our own affairs?

We have moved just past the beginning of Mark and while the power of Jesus is evident; healing of disease, exorcism of demons, and raising people from the dead, they are not really the focus of Mark.

Two themes are constantly at play, both which cause the anger of politcal-religious groups. Those themes are the Sabbath and which party does Jesus belong to. This is how it plays out: Continue reading